01. My Story

It took me a while to understand how this whole blog thing works. I started with another blog site. After writing a rather enthusiastic intro it said at the bottom “There’s Nothing Here”. well, of course, there wasn’t, but this felt more like “hey there’s nothing here your wasting your time”, or ” trust me there’s nothing here”, which is not the kind of welcome you would expect. So I switched to another site, of course for some other reasons. Finally got my head around it. Anyways so here’s how I got into photography.
I never though I’ll become a photographer. I never owned a camera, I never used my phone camera which I still don’t. I just didn’t take pictures. But I am a creative person, or at least I was before I joined a medical university. The guy who interviewed me asked me why I thought I could be a good doctor. And I don’t think he was expecting a reply like ” I don’t think I can be, I am a very creative person.” And the next thing I know I got into the university. Wait, what? Was he even listening?

After completing my house job, my brother, who is the other member of dejavufotography, bought a used camera. He learnt some basics, took some great shots and showed me. As a person who always wanted to be a musician, writer and a painter, I looked at those images as a possibility to finally be able to create something. And that was very important for me because I was finding creativity very hard to come by and to be honest I am still struggling with it. But I still wasn’t sure if photography was my thing. But I decided to give it a try. So I finally got my first ever camera. I didn’t know much but I did know that having a DSLR does not make me a photographer. So either I’d learn how to use it or give it up once and for all.
The next day we left for a trip to Bahawalpur. I did myself a huge favour, not knowing a thing abt it, I switched my camera to manual. On our way, we stopped at a place. I spotted a tree at quite a distance. I zoomed with my 18-55 “ultra-zoom lens”, focused on the tree and expected the whole world to be thrown out of focus. Much to my disappointment, I learnt that it doesn’t work that way. That my camera, however expensive, does not defy the laws of physics. I took lots of bad shots on that tour, some of which I still haven’t deleted, for reasons I’m not sure of.
Three months into photography, we took another trip to Islamabad and by this time I had learnt some basics like exposure triangle and the rule of thirds, on the basis of which I spent that tour photographing pretty much everything. These are some of my favourite shots from that tour.



I know, not Pulitzer winners, but not bad considering how little I knew. But back then I thought I have reached a whole new level of photography. That there really were just two important things and I’ve “mastered” both. So it came as a bit of a shock when I found out, I have to forget all that I’ve learnt in the name of “rules”, that you only learn them so you can break them. And ever since it’s been a beautiful journey of looking at things, differently, beyond thirds, leading lines or any other “rule”.

It’s only been a few years since I started photography, and of course, I am only a beginner and I would like to be one forever. But I’ve learnt some amazing things along the way. I’ve started seeing beautiful things in ordinary places. I’ve learnt that everything around us has order, rhythm, symmetry. I’ve learnt the art of learning, that there are not shortcuts, you have to go through each step and each phase before you reach wherever it is that you aspire to reach. And one of the most important things I’ve learnt is that I know nothing, nothing about anything.



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